Find ordering information for QuickWej, AmpTrail and other products here. Send us your product inquiry using the below form and we will reply to you with our techno-commercial quote if we are able to offer any of our products. You may then place your purchase order as per terms and conditions outlined in the quote. Please make sure that you provide complete technical details in the below form, so that we can prepare a realistic quote.

To inquire about QuickWej, please provide the following information.

  1. Application
    a) Jump / Tap
    b) Conductor to equipment pad / stud
    c) Twin conductor to equipment pad / stud
  2. Main conductor size - diameter in mm or name of the conductor
  3. Tap conductor size if different from main conductor
  4. Stud diameter in mm for equipment stud connectors
  5. Quantity

To inquire about distribution fault indication systems, please provide the following information.

  1. Type of network
    • Overhead lines
    • Underground cables
  2. Type of indicator required
    • Earth fault indicator
    • Short circuit indicator
    • Earth fault and short circuit indicator
  3. Type of earthing - resistively earthed or solidly earthed
  4. System voltage and frequency
  5. Quantity


To inquire about AmpTrail - remote / SCADA enabled fault indication systems, please send us complete technical specifications by email to [email protected]. This system is available for both overhead and underground power distribution system.

To inquire about Silicone Conductive Gel, please provide the following information.

  1. Quantity in grams / kilograms
  2. Type of packing - tubes or cans

To inquire about electrical hardware / safety tools / utility tools, please specify your requirement suitably. If you know the brand and catalogue numbers please provide the same.